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This is the site of Home Educator's Family Times, an online magazine for parents and families who have chosen alternative, individualized approaches to learning. These experiences might take place in the comfort of your own home, on the road (sometimes called road-schooling) or a mix of traditional schooling, homeschooling, travel or experiential. Whatever you have chosen, we are here to support and encourage your very individual decision with helpful articles, how-tos and words that encourage.

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by Jane Keffer

Author: Sharon Jeffus Art has a long tradition of combining with science. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Art

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by Jane Keffer

Just a Thought… Author: Jane Keffer Sometimes, the process of discovery needs to go slowly… Within arm’s reach is my Mac,

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by Jane Keffer

Author: Dr. Mary Hood This week a younger homeschooling mom called me in tears, feeling overwhelmed by the competing demands

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by Jane Keffer

Author: Jane Keffer Let’s look at our expectations as homeschooling parents. I’m just going to outline a few points to

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by Jane Keffer

   By Mary Hood, Ph.D. Our family started homeschooling in 1983, when my oldest child was 6 and the movement

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by Jane Keffer

by Jane R. Keffer We are going camping. I’m anxious with anticipation. I’m excited, yet  nervous.  Sometimes, I even think

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by Jane Keffer

This article is the result of an online survey conducted by Pam.  1. Spend more time together as a family.

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by Jane Keffer

We travel full time in our RV. It’s a lifestyle that gets lots of questions and raises more than a

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by Jane Keffer

Author:  Dr. Brian D. Ray Okay, it appears that the homeschooled students score well above average on achievement tests in

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by Jane Keffer

Author: Diana Waring Here’s a homeschool riddle for you: How are a muffin and a curriculum alike? Answer: Whether or

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