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Are you just beginning to homeschool or are you a veteran with experience to share with others? Want to find out more information from families all over the U.S. and other countries who are homeschooling? Then please join our online HomeschoolSupport group.The description of this group is:
"This group is for those needing support, help, information and advice about homeschooling, unschooling, eclectic schooling or other alternative educational programs including homeschooling special needs and gifted students. The Homeschool Support Network is a non-profit service organization helping the homeschool community since 1986."

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The goal of this discussion list is to encourage, support and equip families in their homeschooling/family-life adventures.We hope that this list will help you meet other homeschooling families, give you the opportunity to share ideas and discuss topics affecting homeschoolers and families. Let us know, as well, how we can help you.Please note that at times, messages sent to the list will have to be approved prior to being sent out to all list members. This is only for the protection of the integrity of the list (not because we edit legitimate comments). We want this list to be a safe and secure environment for children to participate in. The following will be edited from messages:

• offensive, obscene or profane language

• personal information - physical addresses & telephone numbers. If you want to give someone your address it is okay to email them privately. We do not want your personal information being displayed to the entire list. Remember archives are available to be viewed - so anyone, not just list members, would have access to this information.

• spam - repeated solicitaion of products for sale or similar information. This does not include a request for products available or information on "swapping" curriculum supplies. Advertising space is available on our website.

• pornography or adult sites - any URL's that point to a pornographic or otherwise offensive site on the internet as well as pornographic messages.

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