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Homeschooling In Maine

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All new homeschooling parents in Maine file a Notice of Intent to Homeschool. The Notice of Intent to Homeschool is filed by new homeschooling parents within 10 calendar days of the beginning of the home instruction program. Send a copy to the school approval office (Dr. Edwin Kastuck - see below for address) and to your local school administrative unit (superintendent). The latter is simply for informational purposes - so that the superintendent has a record on file that your child is enrolled in an authorized alternative education program (and is therefore, not truant.) For each subsequent year, the parent simply files what is called "a subsequent letter" stating that the homeschool program is continuing and sends it to the same offices with a copy of an annual assessment results letter (see below).

To visit the State of Maine Homeschooling Information Homepage:

Points To Consider

The Notice of Intent to Homeschool can be written as a letter and must include the following information:

a. The name, signature and address of the student's parent or guardian;

b. The name and age of the student;

c. The date the home instruction program will begin;

d. A statement of assurance that indicates the home instruction program will provide at least 175 days annually of instruction and will provide instruction in the following subject areas: English and language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, health education, library skills, fine arts and, in at least one grade from grade 6 to 12, Maine studies. At one grade level from grade 7 to 12, the student will demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers; and

e. A statement of assurance that indicates that the home instruction program will include an annual assessment of the student's academic progress that includes at least one of the forms of assessment described in the current regulations. A portfolio assessment (a sample of what is generally included in a portfolio provided by Home Education & Family Services, Gray, ME. Telephone 207-657-2800 for an appointment at the end of the year (May - August) or for more information. A letter stating that an achievement test was administered with satisfactory results is also an acceptable end of year assessment option. For more information about the annual assessment, please contact Home Education & Family Services at 207-657-2800.

Read the full text of the new law in a PDF format:

Maine Homeschool Statute


1. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the guidelines which were adopted to satisfy the compulsory school attendance laws for school-aged children (ages 7 - 17) in the state of Maine Maine's Homeschool Regulations. Also take advantage of the helpful homeschooling articles, information, links and online catalog on this site. Use the 'search' window above to look for topics on our pages or start at our main page: Homeschool Support Network

2. The Notice of Intent to Homeschool or questions about homeschooling in Maine can be addressed to: Dr. Edwin N. Kastuck, 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0023. You can leave a voice mail message by calling: (207) 624-6776 Visit the State of Maine Homeschool Web Site.

3. Support Groups are wonderful, grassroots organizations that allow parents to get together, exchange encouragement and ideas, plan field trips and learning activities, etc. If you would like to find a local support group, call our office: 207-657-2800 or go to the National Home Education Network Support Group Search Page and do a search of support groups listed for Maine. There are also many online support groups and if you would like to join ours, go to: Online Support Group

4. The new law allows parents full responsibility for their own children. No letters will be sent to the parent reminding them of the need for an annual assessment. It will be assumed that the parent knows exactly what to do and will follow through per your Notice of Intent. After filing the first Notice of Intent to Homeschool letter, in subsequent years, the parent just needs to send a "subsequent letter" stating that you will be continuing (or discontinuing) your home instruction program and will send this with your annual assessment letter. This is explained clearly in the law and on the Department of Education's web site. (see above) Since parents will not receive verification from the state that the NOI has been received, it might be a good idea to send it via registered mail or at least with a certificate of mailing. This is just a thought.

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