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Jan/Feb 2003
Volume 11 Issue 1
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One Life Revolution - Calling for Youth Involvement

World Vision and Youth Specialties have unleashed "One Life Revolution" (www.oneliferevolution.org) a bold call to action targeted to each American youth to use his or her life to change the course of history by fighting the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children in the developing world.

One Life Revolution is a long-term fundraising effort through which youth are being called to lead the charge in the global battle against HIV/AIDS and its widespread impact on those most at risk – children. The youth are fundraising for specific interventions that help orphans and widows in the southern African country of Zambia. The goal: to raise $1 million by June 2003 to save lives and help communities fortify themselves against continued social and economic devastation.

In Zambia, 21.5 percent of the population ages 15-49 is infected with HIV/AIDS. Life expectancy in Zambia is just over 30 years old. With over 86 percent of people living below the poverty line and unemployment at 50 percent, many children and widows have no means of generating income, securing food and necessary health care, or receiving an education.

But Zambians can transform their communities and their nation. One Life Revolution is designed to empower American youth to engage their local communities in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. The web site, www.oneliferevolution.org, lets youth download information and video resources, interact with one another via the message boards, and refer friends and family to learn more. Youth are fundraising through the One Life Revolution catalog (also available on the website) developed to educate people on the severity of the crisis in Zambia by specifying how their contributions will save and transform lives. For example, givers can purchase:

• Health Care Provisions for a Child (includes necessary medicines,
emergency care, etc.) ($25)

• Two Goats (provide dairy products and a long-term source of income for
orphaned children) ($30)

• Care for a Child (educational support, nourishing food, counseling for orphaned children) ($50)

• Educate a Child for One Year (provides a child with tuition, books, a
uniform, and shoes) ($120)

• Youth Club for One Year (offers AIDS prevention education, life
skills, community service opportunities, and recreation) ($1500)

"The dedication and enthusiasm that so many youth have for serving the poor have always been inspiring to World Vision," said Richard Stearns, president of World Vision. "Now, with HIV/AIDS threatening the very future of their fellow generation across the globe, the compassionate resolve of young people is more critical than ever. We believe One Life Revolution is a groundbreaking initiative that they will embrace wholeheartedly."
Contact: Karen Kartes kkartes@worldvision.org Mark Oestricher marko@youthspecialties.com (253) 815-2163 (619) 440-2333 http://www.worldvision.org.

Kids Count Workout

The Kids Count workout video is one of the best exercise videos I have seen and I highly recommend it. Although it’s geared for ages 3-10, this is a great video for the whole family. The "stars" of the workout are children of all different ages and skill levels. The instructors are friendly and easy to follow unlike some of the drill sergeant types of previous videos! Exercise movements are relatively simple to complete and if your child has difficulty at first they will catch on very quickly. The choices of exercises demonstrated in the the workout are excellent and just challenging enough to make kids want to turn it on again and again.

Even children need to understand how to exercise safely, so the session starts with warm-ups and ends with cool-downs and none of the movements should be difficult for a child to master. All movements are low-impact, working up to a comfortable aerobic level. The children and adults shown exercising wear loose-fitting, modest 'exercise clothes’ and proper shoes. The workout is presented in a well-organized, step-by-step manner, allowing the children (and the parents) to pace themselves and to ultimately succeed. Camera angles are varied and well-timed. The bright, airy set is complemented by the uplifting tunes that are full of positive lyrics. My 6-year-old son really enjoys it and even my 15-month old enjoys getting in on the action by dancing and bouncing to the music. It's a fun time for all – and you can do a few minutes or the entire session (30 minutes).

If you want to get off the couch – especially on those rainy or frigid days, the Kids Count workout will be a wonderful addition for "physical education". In my opinion, Kids Count workout accomplishes exactly what it set out to do – educate children and families about the importance of good health and fitness while enjoying a fun time together in the process!

Reviewed by Jillian Goodwin.

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