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Winter 2000
Volume 8, No. 1

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Jane Boswell

I am so blessed. Everyday I get to meet homeschool parents and homeschool kids and homeschool grandparents ... I get to see, close-up, the results of this phenomenal movement. My observation:

Parents, keep up the good work ...
you're doing a fine job!

All the good and positive and unique things we all thought would happen when we took our first shakey homeschool steps are coming to pass. Homeschooled students are turning out pretty well. You might be thinking, "I know that, Jane... everyone knows that. The test scores prove that they're doing great!" Well, that's true, but there's more to it than test scores.
I'm talking about the nitty gritty stuff of life that these kids are made of. Have you noticed the difference? Don't you just love being around kids that have been taught at home for awhile? They actually talk back to adults - as in "engage in meaningful conversation." Not the other kind of talking back.
Oh sure, they're kids - they're human. As parents who live so close to them, we are all too well aware of that. But let's look at the big picture.
These home educated people are turning into first-rate citizens. We're beginning to see the results as the first wave has graduated and is now moving out into the community.
I am convinced that we are going to see these homeschooled individuals make a difference.
The kids I've been looking at see life in a totally different way than my generation. Take the notion of family for instance. They like theirs. They know their parents and ... they like them. They even like their siblings. They see the role of parents as teachers and mentors and friends.

Imagine that.

How do they view the idea of "school"? School happens around the kitchen table or in a carpenter's shop that dad fixed up in the basement. It's no longer just a place where you *go*. Although that's okay, too. They understand that learning happens EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. And most of them will homeschool their own children without a second thought.
I guess the only difficult part is that these homeschooled kids are so independent. They know where they want to go and how to get there and before you can turn around, they're on their way.
I was sad to see our two children leave home but they're doing wonderfully well out there in life-making a difference-and so will yours. It was painful. We went through the empty-nest syndrome for about a week...Then we bought our first pair of inline skates.
But, seriously, what I miss most is actually teaching them. But before you start to feel sorry for me, because I don't have any more kids at home, it's okay, because...


And now I know exactly what to do, right? But Timothy's probably gifted.. and Caleb-he's going to be quite a pistol, I bet!

Hmmmmm... I better call Dorothy and Dr. Moore...

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